So now you’ve decided on which inn. You’ve done your homework and feel a certain level of comfort. What’s next? Here are a few more tips…

1. Don’t arrive early. Most inns have no staff or a very small staff. If there were guests the night before the odds are high that your room isn’t ready before the normal check in time (usually listed on the website or you can ask the innkeeper). You don’t want your first impression to be spoiled by seeing an unturned room or having to drop your bags and wait.

2. Take the “50 cent” tour. If it’s your first time, getting the innkeeper to show you around will help answer a lot of questions you may have. Where are things? What time is breakfast? Are there complimentary snacks, tea, wines?

3. Tell the innkeeper it’s your first time. They are used to it and can help you relax and enjoy your visit. Everyone has a first time at everything so don’t be embarrassed.

4. Grab a glass of wine and sit down in the public area for a while just to relax and get the feel of the place.

At the Elizabeth Leigh Inn, as with most B&Bs, we take your enjoyment very seriously. It’s our pleasure and our business to help you have a great time.